The beauty of an authentic discovery
Walking along unexplored paths through the brightly-coloured landscapes and unspoilt nature, Basilicata appears as a land of rugged beauty, where people live in harmony with rare species of plants and wildlife. It is a land steeped in history and culture that tells of ancestral ties with customs and traditions that still exist today. It is a wonderful land, rich in pathways waiting to be explored, perfect for those in search of a profound and meaningful travel experience. Immersing yourself in this authentic land means letting yourself be guided through its heart and soul, along a leisurely journey of discovery, thus savouring every moment. You will be amazed by the simplicity of daily life, encounters and views that appear all of a sudden, filling you with pure and intense emotions. It is an experience that invites you to reconnect with your roots, as well as with yourself.
Basilicata Route, beyond the journey
Basilicata’s true wealth lies in its diversity. It is a land to discover at leisure and a place to travel, above all with your heart. The Basilicata Route project is an outline of this vision, a unique and unconventional travel plan to explore the beauty of this region. It is a journey through some of the most beautiful towns in Italy, including 5 natural parks, perched on top of jagged mountain peaks, in enchanting valleys, surrounded by colourful fields, arid Badlands, places of worship and breathtaking scenery, in constant dialogue with history and traditions. It is an experience that will remain etched in your mind, an invitation to lose yourself in its natural beauty and rediscover the authenticity of small things. It is a journey through the genuine tastes of the typical products and excellent wines, enriched with attractions, ranging from the slowest poetic carousel in the world to thrilling ziplines and suspended bridges. It is a tour designed to bring travellers closer to the heart of this land and let themselves be overwhelmed by the soul and hospitality of a region that has so much to offer.
Walking in Basilicata: 7 Routes, 5 Natural Parks, 36 Towns
This Guidebook suggests a variety of paths designed to meet explorers’ different needs, from individual routes to more complex combinations, inviting them to discover the unspoilt nature, history and culture, archaeological sites, places of worship, ancient towns as well as food and wine traditions.
In the heart of Basilicata
This project offers a genuine way to discover Basilicata for an immersive experience through nature, guiding visitors in search of unique places: from the majestic mountain chain of the Apennines and the elaborate rock formations of the Small Lucanian Dolomites to the extensive vegetation of Mount Pollino and the fascinating karst formations of the Murgia Materana and rich bio-diversities of Mount Vulture. Besides nature, the project aims to valorise the local communities, offering visitors the chance to immerse themselves in the local traditions, craftsmanship and typical cuisine, forming a deep bond between the natural environment and cultural heritage.

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